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If Your MacBook Trackpad is Not Working

Is Your Mouse Cursor Acting on Its Own Accord?

MacBook Trackpad Not Working? We can help!

Are you having trouble clicking or moving your cursor on your MacBook? This happens a lot because the trackpad, which is the part you use to control the cursor, can get worn out. It's also easy to spill liquids on it, which can cause problems. Most of the time, trackpad issues happen because of moisture in the air or liquid damage.

We can replace Trackpad and fix the problem

At Calgary Mac Repairs, we have trackpads in stock, and we can often fix them on the same day. Unlike other repair shops that might replace the entire top case, which can be expensive, we specialize in just replacing the trackpad. This means you'll save both money and time with us. Even for models that seem hard to replace the trackpad on, we have ways to do it efficiently, keeping your costs down and getting your laptop back to you quickly.

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We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.
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We can repair motherboard component level issues.
Our pricing is fair.
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