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Apple MacBook Battery Replacement

Instant Battery Replacement - Upgrade to a New Battery Now!

Specialising in Apple MacBook Battery Replacement Calgary

All MacBook batteries can be replaced. After a certain amount of charge cycles the capacity of your battery will start to diminish and normally your Macbook will alert you to service battery or replace soon. The battery change is different depending on the model of Macbook. We replace the defective batteries on all Apple Mac such as MacBook Pro 13″ 15″ 17″, MacBook 12″ and MacBook Air 11″ 13″.

Calgary Mac Repairs | Best Mac Battery Replacement

Calgary Apple Mac Repairs offers on-the-spot battery replacement services for all MacBook models. We have batteries in stock and can often replace them immediately. Rest assured, our batteries are built to last, ensuring your Mac's longevity."

Checking when it’s time to replace MacBook air or MacBook Pro battery

We've listed some of the most common symptoms that require a new battery for your Macbook

Unable to boot up
Water Spillage
Macbook Auto-Restarts
Unable to turn on without charger/adapter
Battery won’t hold charge (drains very quickly)
Bulging Macbook Battery / Swelling Macbook Battery
Screen Shows “Battery Icon” only when plugged but doesn’t start.
Warning Battery Status (Service Recommended, Replace Soon, Replace Now)

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Best Macbook Battery Replacement in Calgary - FAQ

What Models Do You Support for Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Battery Replacement?

Macbook Pro Battery Replacement We Support

• A1278 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Non Retina) 2009 – 2012
• A1286 : Macbook Pro 15 Inch (Non Retina) 2009 – 2012
• A1297 : Macbook Pro 17 Inch (Non-Retina) 2009 – 2011
• A1398 : Macbook Pro 15 Inch (Retina) 2012 – 2015
• A1425 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Retina) 2012
• A1502 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Retina) 2013 – 2015
• A1706 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Retina, Touch Bar) 2016 – 2017
• A1707 : Macbook Pro 15 Inch (Retina, Touch Bar) 2016 – 2017
• A1708 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Retina, Non Touch Bar) 2016-2017
• A1989 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Retina, Touch Bar) 2018
• A1990 : Macbook Pro 15 Inch (Retina, Touch Bar) 2018 – 2019
• A2159 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Retina, Touch Bar) 2019
• A2141 : Macbook Pro 16 Inch (Retina, Touch Bar) 2019 – 2020
• A2251 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Retina, Touch Bar) 2020
• A2289 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Retina, Touch Bar) 2016 – 2017
• A2338 : Macbook Pro 13 Inch (Retina, Touch Bar, Apple Silicon M1) 2020 – 2022
• A2442 : MacBook Pro 14 Inch (M1 /M2, 2021-2023)
• A2779 : MacBook Pro 14 Inch (M1 /M2, 2021-2023)

Macbook Air Battery Replacement We Support

• A1369 : Macbook Air 13 Inch 2010-2011
• A1466 : Macbook Air 13 Inch 2012-2017
• A1932 : Macbook Air 13 Inch (Retina, Touch ID) 2018
• A2179 : Macbook Air 13 Inch (Retina, Touch ID) 2019 – 2020
• A2337 : Macbook Air 13 Inch (Retina, Touch ID, Apple Silicon M1) 2020-2021

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Macbook Pro Battery?

To replace a MacBook Pro battery, the cost can vary, starting at $120. The specific price depends on the model of the MacBook Pro, as different models have batteries with varying capacities.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Macbook Air Battery?

To replace the MacBook Air battery, the cost can range from $90, depending on the specific model of the MacBook Air. This is because different MacBook Air models come with batteries of varying capacities.

How Long Does Macbook Battery Replacement Takes?

At CalgaryMac, We respect all our customers’ time and also appreciate your arrival. All Macbook Batteries are replaced within 12 to 24 hours.

How Many Years Does New Macbook Battery Last?

A newly replaced MacBook battery is expected to have a lifespan of 2 to 4 years, which can vary based on usage patterns

What To Do If Macbook Battery Bloated?

If you notice a bulging or swollen MacBook battery, disconnect the device, power it off, and contact us promptly for a battery replacement. A bloated battery can pose safety risks.

Is It Recommended To Keep Your Mac Plugged In?

Apple does not recommend leaving your MacBook plugged in all the time. Furthermore, Apple even recommends charging and discharging your MacBook’s battery

Is there a warranty for the Macbook Battery Replaced?

All MacBook battery replacements come with a warranty period of up to 12 months. If any MacBook battery develops a defect during this warranty period, it will be replaced through a one-to-one exchange

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We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.
Honest and professional technician with reasonable pricing.
We can repair motherboard component level issues.
Our pricing is fair.
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