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Mac Logic Board Repair Calgary

We can repair your damaged logic board for much less than the cost of replacement.

Want to repair your Apple MacBook logic board in Calgary?

Repair your Macbook logic board at Calgary Mac Repairs – Apple Mac Technical Service. With our expertise and the proper equipment, we are able to repair it. Calgary Mac Repairs Service is to repair the Macbook logic board for all Macbooks, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, And iMac By Using Micro-Soldering technique to perform analysis to diagnose and replace/recover the damaged electronic components on the logic board.

Fast and Reliable Calgary Apple Mac logic board repair

We Fixing a defective logic board is a cost effective way to have your Apple MacBook computer up and running instead of a replacement logic board or buying a new computer. With state of the art tools and equipment, instead of replacing the complete logic board, we will replace the burned, defective or faulty components including connectors, diodes and chips on your existing logic board with new components.

When you come to us, we fix it!

When it comes to Mac computer repairs in Calgary, there's one name that stands out – Calgary Mac Computer Repairs. What sets us apart from the competition? We've got the knowledge, tools, and expertise to handle component-level motherboard repairs, right here in-house.Unlike many other repair companies that outsource these critical repairs, we take full responsibility for your Macbook. When you choose Calgary Mac Computer Repairs, you're dealing directly with the experts who will be working on your device. No more long delays or unexpected surprises – your trust is placed in capable hands.Our specialty lies in MacBook logic board repair. While other repair centers might charge you exorbitant amounts, for a logic board replacement, our rates are significantly more budget-friendly. At Calgary Mac Computer Repairs, we prioritize your satisfaction and your wallet.

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Logic board issues we fix:

Liquid Damage

Liquid spills often lead to severe logic board damage. While some repair shops and Apple may deem it irreparable, we routinely succeed.

No Power

No power in your MacBook? We specialize in fixing non-starting MacBooks, often due to logic board problems, which we expertly resolve.

Failed USB-C Port

When your MacBook's USB-C port or controller fails, it can disrupt power. Rest assured, we're experts at resolving this issue effectively.

No Backlight

Dim screen? Visible with a flashlight? Probably a missing backlight, often tied to logic board issues. We can repair it.

Short circuit

Short circuits, blown parts, or lightning strikes—welcome challenges. We confront them confidently with expertise and determination.

General issue

Keyboard, trackpad, WiFi, and more—we solve every issue. Your device will run smoothly with our solutions.

Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.
Honest and professional technician with reasonable pricing.
We can repair motherboard component level issues.
Our pricing is fair.
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